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Conservando La Fe: Una Guia Para Mujeres Cristianas Victimas del Abuso [Spanish Keeping the Faith]

Conservando La Fe: Una Guia Para Mujeres Cristianas Victimas del Abuso [Spanish Keeping the Faith]

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Esta guía práctica se dirige a las cuestiones de fé que conciernen a las mujeres maltratadas y a contestar las preguntas religiosas de las víctimas y sobrevivientes. Es un recurso inestimable para las víctimas del abuso doméstico, sus defensores, y pastores.

This Spanish translation of Keeping the Faith offers responses to common religious questions raised by victims and survivors of domestic violence and is a valuable resource for domestic violence programs, counselors and pastors.

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"This book is an excellent and unique resource for battered women and all who care about them. With a rare combination of empathy, understanding, compassion, psychological and theological insight, and solid grounding in Scripture, Marie Fortune provides straightforward answers to the anguished questioning of women who live in fear, pain, and confusion and who long to know if and how their Christian faith addresses the abusive situations in which they find themselves. The author's style is warm, personal, and engaging. Reading the book is like reading a letter from a dear friend who deeply cares. For countless women, this book will be received as a gift from God, bringing new hope and comfort and the assurance that God indeed 'lifts up those who are bowed down' and 'heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.'"
--Letha Dawson Scanzoni, co-author of All We're Meant to Be: Men, Women and Change
"[Marie's] deep experience in this field is offered with care and wisdom. While this book is specifically for abused women, clergy will be greatly helped in understanding the pain and hopelessness of many abused women. Clergy will also gain understanding why the church has contributed to an abused woman's burden."
--Arthur Van Eck, National Council of Churches Commission on Family Ministries and Human Sexuality