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Forgiveness and Abuse: Jewish and Christian Reflections

Forgiveness and Abuse: Jewish and Christian Reflections

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Explore important religious perspective on forgiveness in relation to domestic and sexual violence.

Under normal circumstances it is difficult enough, but for victims of domestic or sexual abuse it is exponentially harder. Can you forgive the unforgivable? Using research, studies, stories, and prayer, Forgiveness and Abuse: Jewish and Christian Reflections focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation by abuse victims. Several religious authors discuss their own view and opinions as well as share the wisdom of their traditional religious teachings. With the events of recent years weighing heavily on society's shoulders, this collection is vital reading for clergy, counselors, therapists, and the abuse survivors themselves.


"A POWERFUL EXPLORATION of the theological, psychological, and ethical aspects of forgiveness in the context of abuse and violence, incorporating both Jewish and Christian perspectives. This book is ESSENTIAL READING for all those who have been oppressed by the demand to forgive without justice being done, and for all those who believe that such forgiveness is what faith requires." --Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law, University of Sydney, Australia
"Provokes us to ponder the role of forgiveness in teh healing process....Challenges us to rethink our positions on forgiveness, especially regarding violations to the human dignity of victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual abuse. Overall, THIS COLLECTION SPEAKS POWERFULLY to the complexities of forgiveness and the important roles that genuine acknowledgment of the harm and restorative justice play in moving the victim toward healing." --Kimberly Day Lewis, JD, MA, MTS, Clergy Ethics Consultant, Center for Prevention of Sexual & Domestic Violence, Seattle, Washington
"As a Catholic priest/psychotherapist who has journeyed with survivors of sexual abuse for more than twenty years, I found this to be AN EXTREMELY HELPFUL COLLECTION of essays. If our churches and synagogues are serious about becoming more responsive to the crisis of abuse, this book will be A VALUED RESOURCE. The book confronts the tendency toward over-spiritualizing by approaching forgiveness as a complex and nuanced process." --Rev. John Heagle, MA, JCL, Co-Director of Therapy & Renewal Associates; Adjunct Faculty Member in the School of Theology & Ministry at Seattle University; Co-Author of Tender Fires: The Spiritual Promise of Sexuality

Edited by Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune and Dr. Joretta Marshall