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201 Module: Taking It Back: Talking with Your Community About Healthy Boundaries (Revised)

201 Module: Taking It Back: Talking with Your Community About Healthy Boundaries (Revised)

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A Supplemental Module to the Teaching Healthy Boundaries Curriculum

Explaining the need for clergy boundaries to our congregation is not always simple or easy. This module, building on the Teaching Healthy Boundaries curriculum materials, was created to help facilitate this conversation between leaders and laity. The Taking It Back curriculum is designed as a first step to foster conversations about healthy boundaries with the members of a local spiritual community or congregation.

"Taking it Back" fills an important gap for clergy and spiritual leaders, providing an opportunity to discuss roles, expectations, and the importance of healthy boundaries to create a safe and dynamic faith community. This facilitator’s guide is written for a local religious leader to talk with and educate their congregation about healthy boundaries as a faith community value. The local pastor/faith leader may receive their boundaries training as a part of their affiliated regional training or certification and then take this educational material back to their individual congregation/faith community.

This supplemental module includes a Facilitator's Guide and 2-page participant handout. The handout can be copied for your training purposes. We are also including a PDF document of example slides that can be used to foster this conversation.

We believe strongly that conversations about healthy boundaries with laity support the efforts of a pastor/spiritual teacher to maintain a healthy ministry. Open dialogue about the roles and responsibilities of the faith leader, as well as the expectations of the local congregation/members for their pastor/leader, is a proactive way to minimize potential boundary violations. Faith communities can help ministers/leaders as they strive for a balanced life, avoiding burnout caused by the lack of self-care that is so prevalent amongst spiritual leaders. Understanding healthy boundaries is a cornerstone for a healthy spiritual community.

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