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Sex and the Spiritual Teacher

Sex and the Spiritual Teacher

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By Scott Edelstein

Why It Happens, When It's a Problem, and What We All Can Do

This book is intended to create greater safety and spiritual intimacy between spiritual teachers and their students, and among members of spiritual communities. It is a book of inquiry, awareness, and social and spiritual change; not a book of finger-pointing or whistle-blowing. Nor does it defend or apologize for spiritual teachers who lose their way. In fact, as we will see, the more we attack or defend wayward teachers, the more we encourage their waywardness.

Everything in this book is eminently practical and down-to-Earth. It's about real human emotions, interactions, and dilemmas and genuine safety and suffering. Almost nothing in it is academic or theoretical. It's written for anyone who is (or hopes to become) part of a spiritual community:students, teachers, clergy, lay leaders, and even casual visitors.

Part I of this book offers practical analysis and action for individuals.

Part II offers solutions and strategies for spiritual communities.

Paperback, 252 pp