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Consultations & Expert Advice

FaithTrust Institute offers consulting to advocacy agencies, denominational leadership, theological education institutions, congregations, and victims/survivors on a variety of issues pertaining to the prevention and intervention of sexual and domestic violence in a faith context.

Consulting Topics:

We provide professional guidance on policy development and improvement, program development, and training and education enhancement, and offer expert witness testimonies. Common topics include:

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Community Collaboration
  • Clergy Misconduct Prevention
  • Clergy Misconduct Intervention
  • Risk Reduction: Child Abuse Prevention
  • Post Clergy Abuse Congregational Care

Areas of Expertise:

  • Policy creation and implementation at the national and local level, within many faith traditions
  • Consulting on policy reviews
  • Objective review of investigatory process
  • Working compassionately and objectively to support the work of ethics and investigative committees during the process of discernment and adjudication
  • Working with ethics committees to preemptively prepare for future investigations
  • Directing and guiding the Discernment Process during the course of an investigation
  • Offering recommendations and insights, based upon decades of experience and research
  • Expert witness and testimony
  • Advising the community through the healing process--during and after a complaint has been adjudicated.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced professionals, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of your faith community. 

Request a Consultation

Consultations may be done in person or by phone. Fees vary depending on the topic, the type of consultation, and the number of consultants required. To learn more about our consulting services or to get information about availability and pricing, please complete the form below. Our Director of Training and Consulting will contact you shortly about your request.