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Scholarship Program for Buddhist Teachers

Thanks to a grant from Hemera Foundation, we are now able to offer scholarships to Buddhist teachers who would like to participate in the Buddhist Healthy Boundaries online course, but lack financial resources to pay the registration costs. Download the application here (PDF)

Application Deadlines for Fall, 2021 Classes:

  • September 13-October 15 European Class: Due AUGUST 16; notified by August 20
  • October 18-November 19 Class: Due SEPTEMBER 20; notified by September 24

Applicants will be notified one week after the deadlines listed above.

    Purpose of Scholarship Program:

    An understanding of healthy boundaries is essential for ethical spiritual leadership. Our goal is to make this education accessible to all Buddhist teachers, and we recognize that financial limitations have been a barrier. Thanks to a grant from Hemera Foundation, FaithTrust Institute is now able to offer needs-based tuition support for Buddhist teachers who would like to participate in the online Buddhist Healthy Boundaries 101: Fundamentals course.

    This training provides an ethical foundation for healthy boundaries including understanding power and vulnerability within the teaching relationship; the impact of appropriate versus inappropriate boundaries in promoting effective teaching; guidelines for maintaining appropriate boundaries; the impact of teacher boundary violations on students and sanghas; and the necessity for self-care in preventing misconduct.

    Partial and full scholarships are available for those who have financial constraints that make the registration fee of $300 inaccessible. Those who receive partial scholarships will be required to cover the remainder of the course fee. In order to allow for a greater access to the course, partial scholarships will typically be awarded. Full scholarships will be the exception.

    Buddhist teachers of all traditions are encouraged to apply.


    To be eligible for the Buddhist Teacher Scholarship Award, you must be in a position of leadership/authority and act as a spiritual teacher or advisor to people within their community:

    • You have received formal authorization or transmission in your Buddhist lineage to teach the Dharma; OR
    • You teach under the auspices of a senior/authorized teacher (i.e. people look to you for spiritual guidance and education); OR
    • You hold a position of spiritual authority or leadership within your sangha/community (i.e. you teach or guide meditation, give practice advice, and give Dharma talks) 

    Selection Process:

    Grantees will be selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Priority will be given to qualified applicants who have expressed financial need.

    Award Terms of Agreement:

    Because scholarship funding is finite and there are limited numbers of spots available in the class, we want to ensure that scholarship grantees are committed to this educational opportunity. By accepting a full or partial scholarship, you are agreeing to fully participate in the course and to complete the class to a satisfactory level, based upon instructors’ evaluations.

    Upon completing the course, grantees will be required to complete an evaluation of the scholarship application process, as well as a course evaluation. This feedback will help us improve the scholarship process for future students.

    The Healthy Boundaries registration course fee is $300. Recipients agree to the following terms:

    • If you receive a partial scholarship, you will be expected to pay the balance of the $300 course fee.
    • If you receive a scholarship but withdraw from the course before the end of the drop period (one week from course start), you will incur a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.
    • If you receive a scholarship and withdraw from the course after the end of the drop period (one week after course start), you will forfeit the scholarship and will be required to pay the registration fee in full. Those who receive a partial scholarships will pay back only what they have been granted and will not receive a refund for the portion of the registration fee that has already been paid. If you withdraw from the course, you will not be eligible for future scholarships.
    • In cases of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, there may be an option for grantees to defer to a later Healthy Boundaries course. Those who defer must contact the course administrator at FaithTrust Institute as soon as possible. Deferral will incur a $50 non-refundable administrative fee that is not covered by the scholarship.

    Application Process:

    To apply for the Buddhist Teacher Healthy Boundaries Scholarship, submit a completed application form along with a letter of recommendation from your teacher/supervisor/board leader to Lauren Sawyer at by the deadlines listed above. Applicants will be notified one week after the application deadline.

    Note: Scholarships will also be available for fall 2021 Buddhist Healthy Boundaries courses.