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Community Resource Inventory Map

Community Resource Inventory Map

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Why Do Faith Communities Matter in Addressing Domestic Violence?

The Community Resource Inventory Map is a practical tool created to help faith communities understand their role in addressing domestic violence. The map engages individuals to connect with the network of services available to assist victims/survivors in their area, through researching and identifying key providers.

The resource inventory helps faith communities recognize the assets they have to offer to victims/survivors, working in partnership with advocacy organizations. By fostering an awareness of the need for a coordinated community response, the Community Resource Inventory Map focuses on helping individuals as well as creating systemic change.

This helpful tool will guide you to create a network of relationships with others who are working to assist victims/survivors. Understanding the resources available in your local community will allow you to provide a caring faithful response to domestic violence.

4-panel color brochure; folded to 8 1/2 x 11 inches
Sold in package of 25

Use in conjunction with the Domestic Violence Awareness Brochures and the article "What Faith Communities Can Do"